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A mermaid abroad

a mermaid abroad -John Garcia
This is my face.
seeking shadebeams -John Garcia
-photo by Cynthia K Malm

        ...the Laser Maven rides again!!

Jen Toal, aka Jentle, is a free lance artist and educator in Berkeley, CA. She’s taught creative skills to many ages of human that range from fiber arts and soft circuitry to sand casting to CAD to laser cutting to Lego engineering to screen printing to… Jen has contributed to public sculpture and mural projects across the country. She's a prolific illustrator and sculptor.


Finally, oh finally, she has her very own Glowforge. Things are getting super exciting. 


You can find Jen Toal in most internet arenas as @vettha


She sometimes falls into hermitage, but that's invisible chronic illness for you. Please know you are appreciated. 

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