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Hey, didn't you lose 100 lbs once?

Yes, I did.

(98, but who's counting?)

Getting pregnant was sort of a swift, spiritual kick to the head for me. I found it newly untenable to treat my space suit with anything less than respect, and my entire diet changed. 

The first 50 lbs felt like an accident. And then my wonderful husband, John Garcia, and I realized we could probably lean in.... 

What if we never got diabetes? What if we DID already have it, but we leaned far enough toward




that we just never found out we had it?

(We live in America, so access to health care has always been spotty.)

Together we walked, biked, and saladed our way through 300 lbs. No surgery, just life-tinkering.

<3 And teamwork. 

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Jan 2012
Dec 2010 (8 mo pregnant, knitting)
Those were the days...
Turns out, salad is delicious.
AND flat trying to save our lives.
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