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Jentle Tales

advice i am giving myself

upon meeting new soul mates


stand solidly if you are able

hold your form fluid 

brace for beauty


and the way it always 

knocks you over


notice press of globe

up through soles


marvel at the moments experience

and universal 

shake hands


trade knees


compare the roads you have run

the trees you jumped out of

the places your jeans have worn through


skip right past groins and sex

this isn't that poem


and connection

can be better

for being less obvious



press your belly buttons together

a meeting of absences


shared space to frame things


frame things

redo this if it

feels more truthful


consider the strengths of your mat

let the space placed around

your best work

have its own things to say


say things

out loud


experience is meant to be shared


and no one needs your 


more than a soul mate


trade scars stories

(tattoos totally count)


tell each other tales of the ways

the world hasn't ended

even if it left a mark




feel belly press belly



you've been sucking down discord

all day


like too little sleep

too much wireless

and a fundamental disconnect

from how our species evolved

to thrive


agree to thrive anyway


slice out space for each other

in the places you

forget to feel shame


allow yourself

and each other



for everything you’ve ever believed was wrong with you.


there’s never been anything wrong with you.

except not knowing there was nothing wrong with you.


forgive yourself

for lying to yourself

in order to stay small


it’s okay to not be everything


we are all of us everything together

and we forget we don’t have to

do it alone


give up the notion

you may somehow

be on the same page


you’ve only just collided

from across the cosmos


the particular constellation

of harmonic convergences

your empty spaces


as you pass through each other


are not the same

as being the same


we are stronger for our differences


befuddling though they be


decide this is the game

and that you are always winning.


because you are.

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